Wisdom is not found in books, nor is it found in institutions. No, it is found nestled quietly in the minds of elders. Those who choose to set quietly and listen to men and women with life experiences learn this wisdom. This site represents such a voice. When life looks bleak and answers are hard to find that wisdom is sought.

Its no secret we all want an easy life. What’s the cost for such achievement? Every question has an answer and every problem has a solution. It may not be the solution or answer we want, but its there. I hope within these blogs I am able to provide some of my own experiences and wisdom. Life didn’t come with a manual, but it did come with friends and family who are willing to share what they know. Its up to us to learn what is good advice and what is not. Always remember, advice is free and we get what we paid for. What we do with that advice brings value to it.

I don’t have all of the answers. No one does. However, collectively we have a lot of life’s solutions. 20 years in the military has added to the understanding I gained from listening to elders when I volunteered in my local senior center. Stories of love and losses filled my youthful ears as I listened. The Navy was kind enough to embellish those teachings with rules, regulations, traditions, and customs. I learnt that everything is not black and white. Sometimes a person has to take a stand, whether right or wrong and face the storm. My adventure to be the man I knew I could be led me places I could only dream of. I never knew how strong I was until I found myself refusing to stay down. I count myself fortunate to have retired from the Navy, Would I do it again? Yes, but with less alcohol perhaps. 🙂

This Friday’s blog is created upon the request of my friends who ask for my advice. I hope to provide answers to those questions that should have been answered for some reason wasn’t. If you find yourself having a different opinion, that’s fine. One size does not fit all. My solutions do not fit all problems. With that being said, please be constructive and professional when commenting. I am not a grammar boss and will not go crazy in that department. This is my first blog site and will learn a lot here. Please be patient and let’s have some fun with this. After all, we were meant to live life and be happy.